Monday, 7 February 2011

Series Page Complete

I was inclined to title this post - I want to hide under the duvet.

'Cause that was kind of the reaction I had when I finally finished typing up my
Series Catching Up Page.

It's just so big. (insert your own smutty joke here) (And it's not even all of the series, just the ones that I want to get caught up on most of all).

To be honest, now I've typed it up, it's kind of putting me off the idea. Not the idea of taking a huge chunk out of my TBR pile this year - that's still a given. But having a better idea of what a humongous task it's going to be to catch up on all these series - well it's starting to feel a lot more like hard work rather than fun.

So after I finish Archangel's Kiss (my current read, which I'm sure I would be enjoying much more if it didn't feel so much like homework), I'm going to pick a couple of the standalone books off my TBR bookshelf to give myself a bit of a break. Maybe a banned book, or maybe just one of the books that I don't remember buying.

Hopefully then, I'll feel a lot more like tackling the ginormity of the task ahead.


Sullivan McPig said...

This is why I do not enter challenges. As soon as I got the feeling I have to read a book I don't want to anymore.

Nastassia said...

@Sullivan - That's exactly how I feel too. If I have to read a book , I find it hard to read it.

Nicole said...

I guess I'm lucky in that most of the series I want to finish haven't been finished by the authors yet, so I automatically get them in manageable bits.

LesleyW said...

Sullivan, Nastassia - I know exactly what you mean. But hopefully I can over come that feeling as I'd really like to finish some of these series.

Nicole - I think if I was a little more organised I wouldn't have ended up being quite as far behind as I am.