Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sad News

Very sad to hear that Perry Moore - author of Hero - has passed away.

Read the news on
After Elton.

It's stupid to say it I know, but I hate this, it makes me want to go out and kick and punch things in my back garden. Coming so soon (it seems) after the passing of another of my favourite authors - Jennifer Rardin. Both these guys took the time to comment on my blog, which is still such a wow factor for me!

Both fantastic writers who I'm sure still had many stories to tell.

Life just sucks some times.

I guess we just have to appreciate the fact that although they're gone, they've left their wonderful stories behind.

My review of Hero can be found here.


Jenre said...

I was sad to hear about this too, Lesley. Such an unnecessary death and I totally get the feeling of wanting to hit something out of sheer frustration.

Tracy said...

So very sad to hear that a life is cut so short.

Nastassia said...

I was so sad when I heard about this too, it's such a loss of a talented and good person.

Darlynne said...

I read this book because of your review, Lesley, and loved it because of Perry Moore's writing and characters. How very sad.

LesleyW said...

I think it's just the initial shock of it that I get angry over. I think whatever the circumstances it's such a waste.