Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slither - Not a Book Review

So I'm currently still reading Jim Butcher's Dead Beat - I hope to get it finished before the end of September...fingers crossed.

I will also be posting on DIK this week, will put a post here to direct you over there on the relevant day. :)

I watched Slither at the weekend, mainly because it starred Nathan Fillion. He was playing the same character he always seems to play but that was fine - that was why I was watching the film after all.

I just had this one doubletake moment when watching it. At one point in the film his character has the choice of whether or not to take a grenade when they go to kill the creature and he decides not to. It was just a complete Serenity moment. Which if you've never seen either Slither or Serenity is going to mean absolutely nothing.

But (just for fun) I put grenade, slither and serenity into google, and lo and behold the first thing that pops up is a reference to the coincidence on IMDB.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Oh Dear

It appears that the last time I blogged was in June.

In my defense blogging is an easy habit to fall out of if you are not disciplined with yourself.

Okay, that doesn't sound like a very good excuse.

How about...

I moved house in July and have been slightly busy sorting that out. And in all that time I have managed to read about half of Jim Butcher's Dead Beat - so don't really have that much to blog about. Methinks I am not going to be meeting any of my reading challenges this year.

Also, it's not just blogger, I haven't been on the internet as much full stop. But have been spending more time in the garden as when I moved I acquired a pond and about 20 fish! They didn't make the move with their previous owner. I am currently counting success with the pond as - none of the fish have died yet.

Autumn is just starting in the UK and two trees overhang the pond, so will probably be spending more time out there of an evening, but will try to make a better effort to blog.