Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl

The seventh and final book in the Darkyn series, I feel like I have been waiting for this one forever. Mainly, because for some bizarre reason the UK release date kept being put back! Or was that only happening to me?

Anyway, as always we have a multi-stranded plot here, the three main plots are the Kyn Lord Robin of Locksley's romance with Chris Renshaw, a fiendish plot to assassinate the high lords of the Darkyn and the culmination of Michael and Alex's story. As always the story is packed with plot and nothing is superfluous. One thing I've learnt from reading Lynn Viehl's stories is that even things which might not seem important at the time may come to have greater relevance later. I'd never dismiss anything as irrelevant.

Now for anyone who hasn't yet read the book or read any reviews, there may be slight spoilers below.

I admit before I started reading I was curious as to how Lynn Viehl was going to wrap up the Darkyn series in this book. There was one plot point in particular I was really interested in seeing developed. The answer (for me) was that she didn't wrap up the series (as such). What she did was bring Michael and Alex's story to a satisfying conclusion. I think you can tell here, that I found Robin's story slightly overshadowed. As for the plot point I wanted, it was only hinted at. My hope is that the story of the shadow prince will continue in the new Kyndred series. As well as the ongoing war with the Brethren, and perhaps some more information on the jardin wars.

Unlike many authors whose stories I'm often able to anticipate, Lynn Viehl always seem to take the story in a direction I wouldn't have thought of. Here it's through the continuation of Luisa's storyline. Finally we're getting a clearer idea of how she fits into the Darkyn world. But such a brief glimpse. :sigh:

Just in case I've made it sound like Chris and Robin were more of a subplot. I did enjoy the development of their relationship. Robin's Kyn power is the ability to charm any human he touches, unfortunately it's a talent that Chris is immune to. Which leades to some incredibly snappy, sarcastic banter between the two of them. Robin has to learn to rely on his natural charisma to get what he wants, rather than his supernatural ability.
Do you bring all your women here?
Only you. I keep my other women in the harem on the third floor.
I love how Rob is bewildered by the fact that Chris isn't in awe of him and doesn't worship at the altar of his masculinity. He can't help but respond to her pricks and snipes, and because of this it makes it so easy for Chris to manipulate him.
If he left this room without throttling her, Robin thought, it would be a miracle.
A little more on my thoughts about the conclusion to Michael and Alex's story. We've followed this relationship over the course of seven books. But this is where Alex finally acknowledges and accepts her place among the Darkyn.
The Darkyn were her people now, and she had to start taking care of them.
Alex finally reveals to Richard how the American Darkyn have been able to turn humans into Darkyn after centuries of the Kyn being unable to - and so the Kyndred story begins.

One other thing I must mention is how we find out more about Phillipe in this book. And Lynn Viehl shows how to weave a m/m subplot into a story. It doesn't have to be a big production and drama, it can just be what it is.

This story was very much like catching up with a large dysfunctional family you are particularly fond of. It doesn't seem to matter which Lynn Viehl story I read I am always left wanting more. And I look forward to the new series with great anticipation.


Tracy said...

I feel like I can't read the review even thought it will be forever until I get to this book. I have book 1 on my shelf and really need to read it!

LesleyW said...

Tracy - yes you do! The Darkyn series is one of my favourites though I know some readers have a problem with the lack of pink and fluffy romance. It's written in a much more realistic style.

I think if you do a search on Darkyn, I've reviewed most of the books in the series.