Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Couple of Things

Not going to be able to post my TBR review as I haven't yet finished the book and I'm imminently off to see Star Trek and won't have time to write it up anyway. Sorry...but at least I'm getting a TBR review done this month, will just be a couple of days late.

Heads up - North and South - starring Richard Armitage. For anyone in the UK - like me - who didn't see this when it was first on. It's being repeated on Sundays (I think) on BBC4 at 7pm.

And finally a word about robin's/robin egg blue. Just 'cause this is niggling me at the moment. Normally when I'm reading a historical I don't let the fine details bother me too much, I never took history so most of them pass me by.

However, I like bird watching and for anyone not familiar with the European robin so often seen on Christmas cards with his bright red breast - they do not lay blue eggs. The eggs of the European robin are cream, buff or white and speckled or blotched with reddish brown. Therefore I'm pretty certain your english heroine (who has never been to America) cannot compare anything that's that particular shade of blue with the egg of a robin.


Tracy said...

Thanks for clearing the robin thing up for me. :)

LesleyW said...

Tracy - okay, I kind of lost the plot there a little bit. But darn it, it's just wrong. :)

Mary M. said...

I hope you liked Star Trek!! I went last Sunday and loved it - fabulous action movie and really fn and entertaining. I've also been spending close to two hours a day reading Kirk/Spock fanfiction ever since. :-D

LesleyW said...

Hi Mary - yep I liked it. :)