Thursday, 21 May 2009

Star Trek - thoughts

So...went to see Star Trek last night and I liked it a lot. I thought it could have been cut in a couple of places (notably the water pipe scene), some of the silliness felt a little out of place, but apart from that I think it worked really well as a reimagining of the series.

Favourite things.

Spock both the elder and the younger. I loved the little scene at the end.

The little nods to the series and previous films. Red shirt on the away team, and I think that was the worm from Wrath of Khan. (I am by no means a Star Trek buff).

I was a little worried after reading a couple of reviews that I wouldn't like Simon Pegg as Scotty but it was a case of expecting the worst and being pleasantly surprised I didn't think he did that bad.

And I didn't have a problem with elder Spock speaking the famous lines at the end of the movie I thought it was appropriate and fit in with the changed timeline.

I hope there will be future films featuring this cast and if I had a wishlist would like to see more banter between Spock and McCoy.

(Aside - I have finished The Lily Brand so will be posting my TBR review soon).


Mary M. said...

Lesley, I read somewhere that the main cast had signed for two more movies, but I haven't had the time to double-check that yet :).

Is there a reason you were afraid you wouldn't like Simon Pegg as Scotty? I'd never seen that actor before but I thought he was great.

LesleyW said...

Mary - on one review I read (in a newspaper I think) before going to see the film, the reviewer had written that Simon didn't even try to do a Scottish accent, which after watching the film I could tell wasn't true.

And I love Simon Pegg (lol not literally). But I'm a huge Spaced fan - which was the sitcom he starred in, and also Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He was one of the actors I was most looking forward to seeing.

Tracy said...

I loved the movie - and loved Scotty too. I thought he was hilarious and a nice addition to the crew!

Glad you enjoyed it.