Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Quid Pro Quo by Manna Francis (Part 3)

Short but sweet today. :)

With every story we get to know the relationship between Toreth and Warrick more deeply. In the story Surprises Toreth has to acknowledge he expects Warrick to adhere to a double standard. Toreth is allowed to fuck whoever he wants, Warrick is only allowed to fuck Toreth. (As part of his job Warrick has sex with people in the SIM - a kind of virtual reality world). What's most interesting about this story is our insight into Toreth. It would be very easy to dismiss him as a sadistic sociopath but he is so much more layered and complex than that simple description.
"Jealous." He hated the word - one of a whole set of words that only ever applied to other people, never to him.
He deals with the situation in time-honored Toreth fashion, he goes out and fucks somebody else.

Of course Warrick is starting to recognize patterns in Toreth's behaviour, leading the latter to wonder.
Why couldn't he be fucking someone a bit less intelligent?
It's so difficult to review these stories because every page is completely relevant to plot, character development and full of snappy dialogue.

They make up. Which involves sex toys - of course. :) But Toreth finds out that Warrick has more secrets than he anticipated. Their misunderstandings in this story also lead to some intense make up sex. And the simple but powerful line.
What makes you think I'm ever going to stop.

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