Thursday, 21 January 2010

Falling in love with Glee

I was kind of so-so about Glee. I watched the first two episodes and thought I'd stick with it as I knew it was meant to suddenly get better a few eps in.

Then last night I watched episode 3 and at the end Kurt comes out to Mercedes. This was so wonderfully played by Chris Colfer.

I now cannot wait for the next episode and Kurt is my favourite character. I think I may be a Gleek. :)


Renee said...

Oh I love Glee, and Kurt, especially. I saw a "making of"show and they said his part was originally for a completely different type of character but when Chris Colfer auditioned they rewrote the part just for him. He's "Kurt Hummel" for the Hummel figurines.

Have you seen the episode where he and Finn team up to work on a song? So sweet.

LesleyW said...

Renee - It's only just started in the UK. We've just seen episode 3 where the three cheerleaders persuade the Glee club (except Finn) to hire a choreographer. have seen a clip for next weeks episode and can't wait to see it.

D. B. Reynolds said...

I have to admit this show is kind of addictive!

LesleyW said...

DBR - I started watching and wasn't sure why everyone was raving about it so much. But I think with each episode I've got drawn further into the story. And I think next week (tomorrow :) ) it really kicks off.