Friday, 11 September 2009

Last Assignment...


Yay! and Phew! Thank goodness for that. All over bar the revision and the exam. :(

Normal service to resume shortly.


Mary M. said...

Yay!! It's always such a relief isn't it? I've left school for a few years already, but that relieved feeling is still very strong in my memory :). Lol.

LesleyW said...

Mary - I also left school a while ago, but I'm kind of addicted to doing something academic, just to keep my brain ticking over. This time it's been English Lit.

Which has encouraged me to read some books I wouldn't otherwise have read. Of the books I had to read for the course I've really enjoyed Pride & Prejudice and can understand why for some people it's their ultimate comfort read. And I also liked The Color Purple, which I didn't think I would.