Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs - So Far

I've said it before, but boy do I hate the UK covers.* Anyway it's the story inside that's important. And so far I'm loving this, my favourite aspect of the Mercy Thompson universe is the exploration of relationships between characters.

Also big cyber hugs and kisses across the internet to Patricia Briggs.

"He wasn't breathing, but vampires didn't, not unless they needed to talk or pass for human."
One of my top two vampire peeves dealt with in a sentence. :)

* Have seen the UK covers for the Charles and Anna (Alpha and Omega) series and my honest opinion is that they're not too bad for an urban fantasy cover. But I think they are misleading, seeming to show Anna more as a gun toting bog-standard UF heroine, rather than a peacemaker who uses her influence to calm psychopathic alpha wolves.


Tracy said...

The UK cover for Cry Wolf isn't so bad but it would make me think that Anna is a lot tougher than she is in the book. I get more of the impression of the kick ass heroine with the UK cover.

Renee said...

What Tracy said. And, you gotta love Charles being all protective and snarly in from of Anna in the Dan DosSantos cover. ;-)

Just finished Hunting Ground this past weekend. sigh.

LesleyW said...

I think if I hadn't read the book I wouldn't mind the UK cover so much - it's a good cover especially compared to the UK Mercy covers. But I do think it gives a slightly misleading idea of what the book is about.

gee.ell said...

Hunting Ground makes her a little tougher. (Still the peacemaker, but one of the favorite remarks was when she said, 'I may be Omega, but I'm NOT a door mat!' as she's kicking some ass. LOL
(sorry, talking about the Alpha Omega series)

I admit that I like the US cover for Cry Wolf better the UK cover :) but S.Kenyon's UK covers, seem to always be better the her US ones.
:) just M.O.

LesleyW said...

Gee.ell - At the moment it's looking like I'll have to get the UK version of Hunting Ground, as the US cover is being trickier to get hold of.