Friday, 7 August 2009

Fallen (So Far), Updates and other Stuff

I am stuggling with Fallen by Claire Delacroix, for a number of reasons. At least one of them is probably trivial and stupid, but there you go.

  • It's set in (New) Gotham City, so I keep expecting Batman to show up. I don't care if Gotham is a real city in the US. If you are writing an original story don't set it in a place so synonymous with such a famous urban fantasy character.
  • In the frontispiece there's a quote from another author which describes the book as 'perfect'. Being a glass half full kind of person I guess this immediately puts me on the defensive as a reader. I think even if someone does describe your book as perfect - don't put it in there.
  • There's conflicting stuff going on - by that I mean the plot is contradicting itself. And the prose is quite heavy.
  • It's labelled on the spine as paranormal romance. Now from what I've read so far, that's incorrect genre labelling. I'd say this is urban fantasy, verging on (future dystopia) science fiction.

I'm not even on p.100 yet and I am struggling. I don't like to write a review if I haven't finished the book so I am going to persevere for the moment.

I will add that the hero is interesting. His part of the story is more engaging, the first scene where his wings are amputated is harrowing. The heroine is more two-dimensional, hopefully she'll improve. And the intercuts of newspaper articles and legal pronouncements - I like, it fleshes the worldbuilding out. The story I think though is somewhat reminiscent of Lyda Morehouse's (hope I've remembered her name right) Archangel series. Will keep going for the moment.

Magic Strikes review will be up at the weekend. :) Loved it!

I am now on Goodreads. As soon as I work out how to put the widget on my sidebar I will be doing that.


Christine said...

I never got around to picking this one up, but it was on my wish list. I had read the first chapter excerpt on the author's website and was intrigued. I do remember it sounding more like UF than PNR. Good luck.

Christine said...

p.s. I LOVED Magic Strikes, too! One of my favorite reads for 2008 for sure.

LesleyW said...

Christine - I'm hanging in there, the stuff from Adam's pov I like.

And yeah Magic Strikes is making my top 5 of this year.

D.B.Reynolds said...

I used to finish any book I started as a matter of principle. I don't do that anymore. I admire your perseverance. And I LOVED Magic Strikes!!!!