Sunday, 26 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Yay, made it to another film. I think this is either the third or fourth one of the year.

The cinema was packed. For the first time in ever, they'd sold out of the showing we wanted to see ( we wanted four seats together, there were still a few odd seats left though the show sold out a few minutes later) so we got seats in the next showing.

Just to illustrate how slightly odd I am and the way my mind works. When someone started sneezing during the trailers I did think what a bummer it would be to catch swine flu at a Harry Potter screening. And how perhaps coming to a packed cinema during a flu pandemic was not perhaps a smart thing to do.

Trailers - I'm hopeless at remembering these. I get out of the cinema and have already forgotten them. But here are the ones I remember. The Proposal, not a huge Sandra Bullock fan but I'm tempted by this because I love Ryan Reynolds when he's snarky. Up - the trailer had me laughing my head off. New Moon - was the last trailer and my niece sat up and had a great big grin on her face (lol) We will be coming to see this in November, I'm sure. I'm sure there was at least one other but I cannot remember what it was. (Edited to Add - it was GI Joe).

Here I admit to not reading the Harry Potter books. I have tried several times to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and have never got past the first few pages. I do like the films and therefore my main hope is that I'll be able to follow what's going on without having to ask someone who's read the books. So far with the exception of Goblet of Fire (I found the film very confusing and thought they relied to much on the assumption that the audience would have read the books) it's been okay.

I liked this one. I liked it more for the comedy - the scenes with Ron and Hermione, Ron and Harry, Harry and Hermione. Favourite scene in the movie is when Hermione smacks Harry (I AM the chosen one) on the back of the head with the book. I'm not sure the balance between light and dark moments was right, but having not read the book I don't know how true they're being to the source material. It could be that this is the last opportunity for a little humour before everything goes down the pan and becomes unremittingly grim.

Looking forward to seeing the last two films in the franchise. :)

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