Monday, 27 July 2009

Currently Up to 'B'

Following the unsuccessful visit to Borders. I have determined to sort out my books once and for all.

It is taking forever and is not the most thrilling thing I've ever done. However, I'm discovering that I am way behind on a lot of series.

I have just completed the letter B. And the only authors whose series I have managed to keep up to date with so far are - Kelley Armstrong (though not her YA series) and Anne Bishop.

All the others I've either not got the books or they are currently lost somewhere in the TBR pile or on various other bookshelves. A job to be tackled after this one.

So currently behind on the following authors:-

Lara Adrian, Ann Aguirre, Ilona Andrews, Jennifer Armintrout, Jenna Black, Patricia Briggs*, Suzanne Brockmann, Lois McMaster Bujold (Chalion), Meljean Brook**, Jim Butcher***

This is only up to B, and whilst I'd console myself with the fact that perhaps most of the authors whose series I like to follow have names beginning with A or B, I know that the first author in C is Rachel Caine.

* - I blame this on the fact that I bought the fug ugly UK cover and just can't bring myself to open it.

** - Not sure I have the strength to catch up on this one. I really enjoyed the first book, but it was very long. The second book is in my TBR pile I'm sure and I seem to remember it being quite thick as well.

*** - I fell behind on this one when the publisher changed from US to UK and it was a real pain in the ass to get hold of the books. I seem to remember this is also why I intially stopped reading Kim Harrison and Charlaine Harris as well.


Li said...

Okay, the Ilona Andrews books just get better and better! Which one did you stop on? And I can't believe you let the Briggs cover put you off...

I admit to falling behind on the Aguirre and Brook series though. And I've decided to wait until Rachel Caine wraps up her Weather Warden series before continuing.

LesleyW said...

I've read the first two books in the Magic series and I'm pretty sure I've got the third somewhere in my TBR pile. But I just haven't got round to reading it.

That Briggs cover is so ugly, I know it's what's inside that's important. But yuck! Hopefully after this I will be getting back into the reading thing with a vengeance and catch up on some of these series.

That's the plan anyway.