Thursday, 26 March 2009


Okay, not really a review, just some thoughts I had after watching. I meant to post this a few days ago, but kind of got sidetracked. :)

I went to see this with my sister, who when the film ended and the lights came up, turned to me and said - that was a load of SH**! So you can guess her opinion of the film. lol I think in part this was because she was heavily influenced by the trailer which seemed to promise something along the lines of the X-Men movies. The trailer is what? two minutes long and contained, I think, virtually all of the action sequences.

So anyone who went wanting an action movie I think would be understandably disappointed. Instead it's around two and a half hours of quite slow story building. I found the first half of the film slow and wish they had cut some of this - though I guess if they'd done that we wouldn't have had the same insight into the characters that we did.

So for me, it was more about 'compare and contrast' between the three characters of - Rorshach (sp?), Dr. Manhatten and The Comedian. And my favourite character had to be Rorshach.

Re. Dr.Manhatten being nude for a lot of the film - didn't bother me, however what did bother me, was the woman who kept on giggling every time he came on screen. To the point where I wanted to go and ask her if she'd never seen a penis before. Okay, it was blue. But please, get over it.

One of the most boring sex scenes ever. Could have been edited out and I wouldn't have missed it.

What I did very much like was how everyone looked so normal and ordinary. The settings were beautifully realized from the ice and snow of the finale, to the scenes set on Mars. Even the ordinary street scenes had an incredible depth. And the soundtrack was brilliant. So whilst I won't be getting the DVD I will almost certainly be picking up the soundtrack.

So in my plan to see at least twelve movies this year at the cinema I'm currently 2/12.


KMont said...

We seem to be pretty much in agreement! Glad you enjoyed it somewhat. I'm agreeing most with you on that sex scene. Oh lordy was it awful.

LesleyW said...

KMont - I'm glad I read your review before I went to see it. It's not a movie I'll be picking up on dvd, but I think it was worth going to the cinema to see

KMont said...

I think we will get the DVD. I'm pretty sure there were details I missed and there was that damn trip to the restroom I had to take. Darn you, concession stand!

but we love to watch movies over and realize something we missed and all.

DonnaB said...

We went and saw this last week. Too long, for sure. And I mean the movie, not Dr. Manhattan's ever-present penis. Why WAS he nude all the time?

The sex scene was ... was that a sex scene? Dr. Manhatann wasn't terribly interested in it either LOL

I agree that the most interesting character and story line was Rorshach. Great casting there and the best line of the movie. "I'm not stuck in here with YOU, you're stuck in here in with ME." Loved it.

And overall, I could have done without the endless flashbacks.

What really bugged me was Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias. I think he missed the whole point of Ozymandias' story, that all great men fall eventually,their monuments nothing but crumbling stone, their empires forgotten and turned to dust on an empty plain.

But the soundtrack was FANTASTIC.

LesleyW said...

Donna - the scenes in the prison were my sister's favourite part of the movie. :)

I think we had a similar view overall of the movie, and I'm probably going to pick up the soundtrack. :)