Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Yes it will soon be that time of year again when the blogs start buzzing and (nearly) everyone loses their heads.

I've tried to give it up (lie) but I can't. I admit I am a book addict, and that the Black Dagger Brotherhood is my crack.

I have resisted for months but finally succumbed (darn it, had to look that up on dictionary.com) and have checked out Lover Avenged.

I've read the two excerpts, and am somewhat resigned to my fate. I am not sure quite what prompted me to do this, this morning. After reading the comments on Amazon, I went over to read the review on B&N to see that in their review they reveal the book ends on a cliffhanger.


I can already hear the sound of keyboards being furiously typed on shortly after the book's release. I shall reserve judgement. A lot depends on who the cliffhanger drops in it. (I've read that sentence three times and I'm still not completely sure whether it makes sense).

In other news I went to see Cirque de Soleil for the first time on Sunday - Quidam. And was completely blown away. I am not thinking about how much the tickets cost, after all I paid for them quite a while ago, but I definitely want to go and see another of their shows. It was like gasolene for the imagination.


Jenre said...

Ooh, when is this out? *Googles it*

Hooray only a month to wait! I'm so addicted to this series, it's not funny.

LesleyW said...

Jenre - it's so much better to try and forget about it and then suddenly it's here. :)

Jessica said...

We'll see what happens, but my impression is that the popularity of this series has peaked ... some time ago. Am i totally wrong?

LesleyW said...

Jessica - I think for a lot of people the first three books were the best of the series, and they judge the following books by that standard. My favourite of the series is Lover Eternal, and although I've found the books after book 3 to be compulsive reads they've not reached the same heights as the first three books for me.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I am dying, DYING for Rehv's book. I am a proud BDB crack addict. *passes the pipe*

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

I even pre-ordered it a month ago, and I never pre-order anything that far in advance!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and can't wait to read this new installment!

Carolyn Jean said...

Whaaat? Cliffhanger? I resisted Cirque de soleil, and then when I went I was really impressed.

DonnaB said...

I'm number 1 on the list at my library for JRW's book. I won't be buying it. If, after I read it, I fall in love with it, I can always buy it later. But I've been disappointed with JRW's last couple of books.

Cirque de Soleil is fantastic! They used to perform in a tent on the beach here in Santa Monica, and I've seen them three times in Las Vegas. Amazing!

(writing as D.B.Reynolds)

Sarai said...

Can I just say I iz a happy girl for not getting into the the crack LOL I just couldn't get pass the first book. So lucky me and I feel sorry for you

LesleyW said...

Katie - me too! I want my John Matthew fix.

Lisa - Pre-ordered it a couple of days ago, so I did manage to resist temptation for quite a while.

LesleyW said...

Carolyn Jean - I'm glad in a way that I know there MIGHT be a cliffhanger. I guess until people actually start reading the book and the blog posts start flying we won't know for certain.

And I resisted CdS as well, but am so glad I went, and can't wait til they have a new show near me.

LesleyW said...

Donna - I guess I should use my local library more than I do. And I'm looking forward to my next CdS show. I came out of the show feeling like my imagination had had an overhaul.

Sarai - I think if you didn't get sucked into the first book then you've escaped this particular addiction. :)

KMont said...

I'm holding out hope that my library will get Rehv's book. I really do not want to purchase it, but I'm supposed to discuss it with a certain mho fo sheep pimpess. That last part I'm looking forward to more than anything.

I do think the series has already reached its peak; it's on downhill slide for me. To change the genre midstream is IMO poor planning. It's my impression that it wasn't initially planned anyway.

LesleyW said...

KMont - I think to change the genre and have it take the series to a higher level is one thing. But to change it and have it lose the special something - I can understand why some readers have chosen not to carry on with it.

I want to carry on with it at least as far as Tohr and John Matthew's books, it's their stories that have me hooked.