Friday, 2 January 2009

Twilight Movie Review

As one of my aims for 2009 is to get to the cinema more often I'm including a little (kind of) review for Twilight, which I went to see with my niece on New Year's Eve.

First a little background.

I have read Twilight, but for some reason, other than the baseball game and the fact that Edward is a vampire I can't really remember anything else about the story. Usually it takes a few weeks, a month or so for this to happen, my short term memory is quite appalling, but for Twilight it happened almost as soon as I closed the cover on finishing the book. So I went into the film with something of an open mind.

My niece along with a fairly large chunk of the teenage girl population is somewhat obsessed with Edward Cullen. Lol. And I was under strict instructions once we got into the theatre and the lights went down not to speak to her, ask questions, or otherwise interrupt her viewing pleasure. I agreed. Though within fifteen minutes (maybe less) of the movie starting, she leaned over to inform me that THIS hadn't happened in the book. We did have a little discussion before leaving for the cinema about how the film wouldn't be exactly like the book.

I admit after reading Christine's Review over at The Happily Ever After. I was a little worried that my niece would be put off the series. But luckily for me that wasn't the case. My niece hasn't yet read the whole series and because she's borrowed the books from friends hasn't been able to re-read them. So maybe the storylines aren't as firmly entrenched in her mind as with some other fans.

The bits I liked.

The baseball game - loved this, it was exactly like I'd imagined it.

I loved The Cullens as a family group. They were just the right side of weird - the actor playing Jasper was particularly fascinating whenever he came on screen. I really felt there was the potential that he could just lose it. And I love that they all got together to make a meal for Bella, probably my favourite scene in the book. I think this is why I liked the second half of the film more, because we got to see more of the Cullens.

I did have a problem with the movie but I'm not sure I can quite put my finger on what it is. Something wasn't working for me. I didn't have the invisible remote control thing*, though in a couple of places it was close. When Bella and Edward are in biology looking at the onion cells I slightly wanted to tear my hair out and scream 'get on with it'. But managed to restrain myself.

I did find Bella a little po-faced and superior, but I have a sneaking suspicion I felt like that about her in the book. (Would have to re-read to be sure). So if the actress is working to the source material then that can't really be laid at her door. I did think especially in the early part of the movie that the chemistry between Edward and Bella was somewhat lacking.

I came out of the movie and didn't feel like I'd wasted my money. And my niece was raving about how she wanted to see New Moon when it came out and how she had to get the other books in the series. So not a wasted trip. :)

* I'm so used to watching stuff either on DVD or hard drive that I've become used to fast forwarding through the boring bits. So I can tell in the cinema if a film isn't working because I automatically reach for a remote that isn't there to ff to something happening.


Li said...

Oh interesting. I've more or less decided not to go watch the movie, but it's always interesting reading other people's take on it.

A couple of UK reviews I've read have the reviewer admitting that there was something about the movie that worked despite them expecting not to like it, can't remember which papers now though.

Marg said...

I saw this movie last week. I liked it, but didn't love it. I think I would have to watch it again to figure out what was missing. Part of it is that while I think Robert Pattinson got Edward down, I don't really think he is that good looking. I thought Bella did a good job (I want her hair).

My favourite minor character was definitely Charlie.

I am glad that I went to see it, and that I saw it on the big screen. It isn't my favourite movie ever, but it wasn't wasted money to go and see it!

LesleyW said...

Li - I probably wouldn't have gone if my niece hadn't wanted to go and see it. It was the movie she picked. I'm going to read the book again and maybe try and finish the whole series in 2009.

Marg - I think we have very similar views, except for the fact that in a strange way I quite like Robert Pattinson. lol. And I wanted to mention how much the actor who played Charlie nailed it. I thought he did a really good job.

That's my main thing when coming out of the cinema - do I feel like I wasted my money. As long as I don't have that feeling I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie and didn't love or hate it. I went the day it was released with a co-worker who is obsessed with all Twilight things. She adored the show.

It felt choppy to me. I think because the books are told in first person and laced with emotion from Bella's point of view. They obviously can't do that in the movie and for me it made for choppy transitions, a lot of quiet looks between characters and a crap load of information being dropped from the film.

I will prob. watch the next movie, but maybe at home instead of at the theater.

LesleyW said...

Scooper - Yes there were quite a lot of long meaningful looks across classroom and cafeteria.

I tried to get my niece her own copy of Twilight today from Borders and they are completely sold out of the first three books!

DonnaB said...

I didn't like the first book, so didn't read the others. But my niece is a HUGE fan and she and her friends liked the movie with reservations. They intensely disliked the casting of Edward -- the actor wasn't good-looking enough -- and they thought the casting of Bella would be better for Bella "after" rather than Bella "before." Whatever that means.

Also, being rather sophisticated moviegoers (although only 14) they thought the production values of the movie were really quite poor and were appalled at how cheesy some of the effects were. LOL


LesleyW said...

Donna - I don't get the before and after comments either, lol. Though I'm going to try and read the Twilight series this year.

The special effects - I think they are right. I was going to comment on them. I'm not sure there's an uncheesy way to make someone's skin sparkle all over so I think I always knew that effect was going to have problems. :)

And the other effect that looked a little dodgy to me - the running up and along trees I have a slightly soft spot for. As it was used quite a lot on Xena, of which I was a huge fan, so I'm prepared to forgive that one too.

coffee said...

seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there's more crazy money at stake

LesleyW said...

Coffee - thanks for letting me know, my niece will be over the moon.