Monday 31 December 2007

Booksigning & Giveaway

So yesterday I went to Murder One in London for the Sherrilyn Kenyon booksigning. This is only the third signing I've attended (the others were for Janet Evanovich, and Lindsey Davis), but it was great fun.

The folks at Murder One were fantastic, bringing mulled wine to the people standing outside in the queue. There is nothing like drinking warm spiced wine, when you're in the cold. I loved the store, and know if I lived in (or closer to)London, I would probably be spending lots of money there. As well as the signing I was able to pick up a copy of Evermore with its gorgeous purple cover. And did see a few other books I would have liked to get, if only it wasn't a few days after Christmas with my credit card still feeling the strain. I will definitely be keeping an eye open for any future book signings taking place there, and would pop in for a browse if I visit London again.

Sherrilyn Kenyon was really nice, talking to everyone, having her photo taken. And if I could remember what on earth I said to the poor woman I'd relay it here. LOL - Unfortunately my mind went blank, my mouth went into overdrive and although my brain was going 'Shut up, Shut up', I ignored it. Ah well, I'm sure she's used to that.

I also met up with Has from Kelley Armstrong's board. And after the signing, we went and had hot chocolate and pancakes and discussed urban fantasy til our ears bled. :)Spookily (as Has mentioned in the comments to Once Bitten, Twice Shy) after I'd told Has she had to read OBTW by Jennifer Rardin, it turned out to be a freebie book she got in her bag from the signing.

So, I have an unsigned copy of Upon the Midnight Clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon to give away. Just post in the comments about a booksigning you've been to, or one you'd like to attend, or if you're like me and can never think of what to write for these giveaways, just put your name in the hat. Giveaway done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I saw posters advertising this signing and was tempted, but I'm not a massive fan.

What was the turnout like? Am assuming quite a few people showed up if you all were queuing outside! I was wondering how many people they were expecting.

I go to Murder One quite frequently, but find their books rather expensive. The other good bookstore (esp since you're into urban fantasy) is Forbidden Planet - don't laugh! They have a fantastic book section downstairs (even with a dedicated paranormal romance section) and are cheaper than MO. They're just around the corner down Shaftsbury Avenue.


PS: Don't enter me in your giveaway - I think it should go to someone who truly appreciates SK!

Anonymous said...

If George R. R. Martin has a booksigning for the next installment of his "Song of Fire and Ice" series, that would be one I'd love to go to :)

I've never actually been to a booksigning before though :)

dodo said...

I went to a book signing at a local college with Mark Strand. It was really awesome to hear him read! He's a great poet.

LesleyW said...

Using, the number 1 came up first. So as bookdaze has withdrawn from the giveaway, that means it goes to anastasia.

I'm hoping to do a few more of these throughout the year in 2008. E-mail coming your way anastasia.

And the three booksignings I've been to, have all been different, but they've all been fun. So I definitely recommend going.

LesleyW said...

Bookdaze - There was quite a few people there. I'm not sure how many in one go. As we left and then came back for the raffle. But both times there was still quite a crowd.

I'd say there was around 30 or 40 people there when I left the first time, and I think there were about 10 people ahead of me in the queue. When I left people were still arriving. They'd only got 8 copies of the companion, which went very quickly. Slightly frustrating as that was one of the books I was hoping to get signed.

I don't make it to London too often, but I'll check out Forbidden Planet next time I'm there.

LesleyW said...

OKay - and I suck. 'Cause I did the draw Thursday instead of Friday.

I haven't gone back to work yet, so my days are all over the place.

I've updated the posts to say the draw has been done. And I will improve my timekeeping skills for the next one.