Tuesday 27 September 2011

Slither - Not a Book Review

So I'm currently still reading Jim Butcher's Dead Beat - I hope to get it finished before the end of September...fingers crossed.

I will also be posting on DIK this week, will put a post here to direct you over there on the relevant day. :)

I watched Slither at the weekend, mainly because it starred Nathan Fillion. He was playing the same character he always seems to play but that was fine - that was why I was watching the film after all.

I just had this one doubletake moment when watching it. At one point in the film his character has the choice of whether or not to take a grenade when they go to kill the creature and he decides not to. It was just a complete Serenity moment. Which if you've never seen either Slither or Serenity is going to mean absolutely nothing.

But (just for fun) I put grenade, slither and serenity into google, and lo and behold the first thing that pops up is a reference to the coincidence on IMDB.