Monday, 24 January 2011

Under the Influence

Last week, or possibly the week before...okay the week before, geez it's been a while since I posted...DL posted on the DIK blog about how she'd been inspired by the BDB series to learn American Sign Language. You can read that post by clicking here.

It got me to thinking if I'd ever been inspired to try anything or learn anything that I'd read in a book.

For some reason I had this niggling feeling that I had.


Then I remembered. I wish it had been something as interesting or as worthy as learning ASL, but it was not. In one of the Weather Warden books Rachel Caine wrote this yummy description of the Omnia perfume by Bulgari. I think she might have used the word chocolate. Of course, Omnia isn't sold in any of the local shops, I think in the end I tracked a bottle down online. I think it has a very nice smell but a bit heavy, not one I'd recommend if you're prone to migraines.

I still have this feeling though, that there's something else I've done/tried/attempted and failed at, after first reading about it. But I've obviously scrubbed the experience from my memory and replaced it with something less traumatic.

Anyway just wondering if you'd ever been inspired to try anything from what you'd read in your favourite fiction? I have a copy of Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore to give away to one poster to this thread. Winner to be chosen by random number on Friday.


Stephanie said...

I really wanted to try a Raspberry Italian latte after I read about it in the Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison. Ms. Harrison gave instructions on her website,on what to order at Starbucks to get the closest
version of the drink. it was delicious! For some reason it's usually always food or a drink that I want to try in books.

D.L. said...

I'm glad my confession inspired you to "fess up" ;)

How funny that you mentioned Bulgari perfume, because I remember googling it once because I read it in a romance novel!

LesleyW said...

Stephanie - I love reading about food in books, especially if I'm hungry. There's nothing like a great description of apple pie to make me want to start baking.

DL - Thank you. Until I'd read about Omnia in the Weather Warden book I'd never heard of it before.