Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How Did That Get There?

Do you ever look at the books on your wishlist and wonder how they got there? Most of the books on my wishlist I've put there as I've read recommendations on various blogs - usually Lurv a la Mode as KMont reviews a lot of UF.

Sometimes by the time the publication date arrives I've completely forgotten what intrigued me about the book and why I put it on my wishlist. I reason to myself that there must have been SOMETHING about the book that interested me.

At the moment the following books have me somewhat bemused by their appearance...

And Falling, Fly - Skyler White

Unclean Spirits - M.L.N. Hanover

The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay

I must have put them on there for a reason, I guess it will be fun when I get them to find out what it was. :)


D.L. said...

I have the same problem, except it's usually about books that have already been published. I see some good/interesting review and add it, but by the time I get back to it and read the blurb I feel like "why on earth did I want to read this in the first place".

Mary M. said...

Lol. Happens to me all the time, too. For my latest wish list, which is for Star Trek fanzine, I actually wrote what had intrigued me in each other in the first place and when possible, I attached the link to the place I got the information from, too. Works wonder, but it's a lot more work than a tite wish list. I wish I had done that with my M/M wish list but by now it's so long I could never manage to track down I had found on most of the titles there. Which means I might be best to erase the titles I don't remember about and if I ever stumble on the original good review or something, put it back later. Oh well.

LesleyW said...

D.L. - Glad to know it doesn't just happen to me.

Mary M. - That's a really good tip and from now on I'm going to try and remember to do that. :)

Mary M. said...

Glad if I could be of help. Good luck ;)