Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Nines

I recorded The Nines last week and finally got round to watching it Sunday night. This is where I admit that I did chop off the first ten minutes so I hope there wasn't anything crucial mentioned there. Hopefully some of that time was the ad break.

Anyway, it was just one line (in the whole film) that really caught my interest, in a conversation between Margaret and Gary:-
Margaret: If God is a ten, a theoretical ultimate, that-which-no-greater-can-be-imagined, you're more of a nine.
Gary: So what are you?
Margaret: Humans are sevens. Monkeys are sixes.
Gary: What are the eights?
Margaret: Koalas. They're telepathic. Plus, they control the weather.

I just LOVE that. lol

From now on, everytime I see a koala on the tv, I just know that that line is going to pop into my head. (Plus you have to admit they look like they could be telepathic) :)

(Koala image from - http://www.australian-wildlife.com/Koalas-information.html )


Tracy said...

That was a pretty funny part you put in there. :) I've not heard of The Nines, but I don't watch tv so that's not surprising. I'll have to look this one up.

Kris said...

*nods, nods* The koala thing. It's all true.

LesleyW said...

Tracy - I'm not sure the movie was that good overall, it felt like it was going somewhere that it didn't end up going. But there are one or two good bits in it, and possibly it's worth watching for the koala comment alone. The first section was my favourite.

Kris - lol, I knew you'd know about that.