Friday, 10 August 2007

Books and Songs and Other Stuff

In my review of Bareback I commented that it really brought the song Hello by Evanescence to mind.

This isn't the only book where this has happened.

Brace yourselves 'cause I'm going to mention that book again. :) When I was reading The Time Traveler's Wife, I had Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol playing in my head.

I've seen a few authors do soundtracks for their books - Rachel Caine springs immediately to mind. Sherrilyn Kenyon has posted on her site about Acheron's favourite tunes. And J.R.Ward's BDB have a rap soundtrack.

So are there any songs that come to mind whilst you've read certain books? Not necessarily that the characters were singing along to, but maybe something happened in the storyline that brought a song to mind?

I have a copy of Demon Angel by Meljean Brook to give away. LOL - hopefully you haven't all read it. I was going to save it for when I reviewed Demon Moon but at the rate I'm reading at the moment, book 3 will be out before that happens. So next Friday (17th August) I'll pick one random commenter to this post and they'll get the book. If you can't think of a song just put your name in the hat, or comment on the other stuff below :).

Some book news - the title of Elizabeth Vaughan's next book will be Dagger-Star with a proposed release date of April 2008. I loved the Warprize trilogy so I'm looking forward to reading this.

And I have a confession to make. Despite swearing that I wouldn't buy another Sherrilyn Kenyon hardcover after Dark Side of the Moon. I've been swayed by the opinion that Devil May Cry is back up to the standard of Night Play and Dance with the Devil and I've ordered it from Amazon.


Naomi said...

I have soundtracks for my own characters, rather than books. Certain songs just go perfectly with certain people.

LesleyW said...

Naomi - That's a great point. I have a female character whose song is She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel. LOL - when I think of that song it just solidifies the character for me.

jepad said...

Lesley, let me know what you think of Devil May Cry. After Wren's book, I haven't picked up any others. Wren was oookay, if I didn't think too much.

You know, I can't think of a song that goes with anything I've read or wrote. I'm always listening to music, but what I have in my CD player is more dependent upon my mood than the book. Strangely, I seem to be on some Scottish singer kick. I just got KT Tunstall and Paolo Nutini.

Oh, wanted to pass along a warning. DO NOT read Key to Conflict by Talia Gryphon. Have heard from multiple sources that it is horrific.

Since I already have Demon Angel, I bow out of that give-away. Did you see the excerpt for Demon Night at her site?

LesleyW said...

Jepad - warning taken about Key to Conflict. This had actually come up on my Amazon recommends list. I think I got quite interested, then hunted around for info and was put off.

I haven't seen the excerpt for Demon Night but I have seen the cover, will have to go and check the excerpt out.

And I will be posting my thoughts on Devil May Cry here, hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll enjoy it. :)

Nicole said...

I tend to do soundtracks (or just pick artists) for my characters, too. My current main character's is 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress'

monroe_mary said...

You know, I never used to associate soundtracks with books until recently. When I read I get caught up completely in the book's world and real life outside just ceases to exist. Which explains why even today I barely flinch eating cold meals because I've gotten so used to it :). But lately I've taken to listening to my CD of Era (sort of new age, with beautiful vocals) while re-re-re-reading my favorite parts of Lover Revealed - which is more or less anything involving Butch and V :). And now one of the songs, Mother, has sort of become their anthem for all the emotional scenes - when V finds Butch in the woods, the induction ceremony, and most especially, V's breakdown at the penthouse. Haunting. No matter what the characters or even the author of a novel set as soundtrack, I prefer to choose which songs fit MY mood when I read said books :).

LesleyW said...


I numbered the posts and used to generate a random number.

Number 1 came up, so you've won.

E-mail me at lesley7312 at with your details and I'll get the book out to you. :)

Naomi said...