Saturday, 3 March 2007


Okay, I guess I better introduce myself.

My name is Lesley, and I post quite a bit on various author message boards and blogs - J.R.Ward, Nalini Singh and Kelley Armstrong. I usually go by LesleyW.

I absolutely adore reading, and am completely serious when I confess to being a book addict. So I guess that is what this blog will primarily be about.

I had some misgivings about calling this blog - the Book Nook. As in book nook rhymes with...

But I love the definitions of nook:-
  1. a corner or narrow recess, as in a room (brings to mind being in a library)
  2. a secluded or sheltered place; a retreat (makes me think of reading and escaping)

So I guess nook is what it will be.


Christine (Cellie #5532) said...

Very nice, Lesley. I'll pop over now and then to see what's new . . .

dd03 said...

I love the name! Very good choice....when I read that, I immediately thought of a breakfast nook...some place to munch and read....

oh, yes...I like that choice.

I for one mostly use my lj...I come here to read romance by the blog or any other blog I get directed to. Mostly, I just haven't had to come here and make it work.

Happy blogging!

LesleyW said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for taking the time to come and post.


dd03 said...

My pleasure!

What are cellies for?

Spreading the luv!!


Marg said...

Welcome to blogging!!

Shanghi said...

Hi Lesley, your page looks lovely. Nice intro too. :)

I too love nooks, especialy as a child when I would want to be alone with my books.

Hope you enjoy your new site!

the BookWyrm said...

Hey, Lesley! Nice to see you in BlogLand. I suppose I should be a good cellie and pop over to JR Ward's forum now that LR is out, huh? But I can't talk about it on there... argh! Guess I'll have to post about it here. =)

Welcome, again.

clare said...

Hi Lesley,
Just discovered your nook. I love the term, always picture a comfy little corner and fittingly a book.

Like your reviews, I've got you bookmarked for return visits :)

LesleyW said...

Thanks Clare,

It's good to know that people are finding the reviews useful.

And I'm glad I decided to go with nook as well. :)