Tuesday 25 May 2010

No Inspiration

I didn't post yesterday as it has been sweltering here in the UK and I've been suffering with a migraine / heat stroke.

I should be posting something today but find my inspiration has dried up.

So for this weeks giveaway, in the comments can you offer me some interesting subjects to muse about - preferably in some way linked to UF fiction. :) If I can have some subjects to keep me going for the next few weeks even better.

I have a copy of Atlantis Rising by Alyssa Day to give away to one poster to the thread. Winner chosen at random at randomnumber.org. and result posted on Saturday.


Chris said...

Not entering, just hoping that you feel better soon!

Sullivan McPig said...

I hope your inspiration returns and you feel better soon.
Hmmm something to muse about...
The thing I ask myself is: Why do so many UF writers bash on Goths? I should think Goths are a considerable part of their reader group, but I keep running into UF books where the writer shows Goths in a bad light or makes fun of them in his/her book.

Kris said...

Sorry to hear that your are feeling so blech, Lesley. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Re: UF - Why is it generally only the boy or the girl on the cover? Why isn't it both?

No need to enter me. I've got this book. :)

booklover0226 said...

I fell your pain with the combination of heat and migraine. I'm sending Get Well thoughts your way.

Well, I have never read an UF where the two main characters are human and then turned together. Maybe there are such books and I just don't know about them.

Tracey D

Anonymous said...

How about an Urban Fantasy 101 post to define topics/words to draw more people in to learn more about the genre? That would be a big help.