Saturday 20 February 2010

UK vs US covers - Lover Mine by J.R.Ward

Be warned. Snark follows. But after you've looked at the UK cover can you blame me?

Okay the UK cover is on the left and the US cover is on the right.

Take a moment to appreciate the true awfulness of the UK cover. This is possibly the worst UK cover ever. I've wiped the Kim Harrison UK covers from my memory so this might be wrong.

The UK publisher has somehow succeeded in making John Matthew look like a demented slightly pudgy green troll. Whoever approved this cover a) needs to get their eyes tested b) seriously needs to reconsider their career choice.

I would gladly take the generic blandness of the US cover - naked male torso, yawn - at least it's aesthetically pleasing. Or even better just the title and author in a lovely gothic font. Because it couldn't possibly be worse than the horror up there on the left.

Of course there's always the possibility that the internet doesn't do the real cover justice. But there is no way I am having that thing on my book shelves.


The Romance Girl said...

The UK cover isn't even close to what I think John Matthew would look like.

I don't think the US cover is bland though- yea male torsos are over used but a) it's hot and b) I love the nail marks.

Sayuri said...

I like the colour and the font of the UK cover but it would look better if they cut his face off and just left the torso. or used a hot guy.

Kris said...

Just a guess, but I take it you're not a fan of the UK cover then.

LesleyW said...

DL - The US cover is much better than the UK. And generally I'll take a naked male torso book cover any day. I think I was just so disappointed with the UK cover I thought 'I'll pop over to Amazon US because the US cover has GOT to be so much better than that'. And it wasn't anything WOW. Nail marks are good, I'm guessing that's a reference to Xhex.

LesleyW said...

Sayuri - lol, yeah if they'd used a hot guy instead of the jolly green giant. Even just a decent b&w photo with a plain font would have been an improvement.

Kris - not so much no. What gave it away? :)

maered said...

I hate the UK cover, too! But the thing is that US release is in hardback whereas the UK is paperback. It'll cost too much to get the US version so it looks like I'll be stuck with the green troll. :(

LesleyW said...

Maered - I'm hoping the Book Depository might have the US version of the book available.