Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Reader's Evolution

I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones at the moment, and it's got me thinking about how and why we end up reading the books we do.

I think if I hadn't seen the film from Studio Ghibli, then I might never have picked this up. The only other DWJ book I'd read up to this point was The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. So far I am loving Howl's Moving Castle, I can see where the film is similar and where it's different. But I think the book more than stands on its own. But if it hadn't been for the film...

My reading journey has pretty much been - nonfiction (yes until I hit my teens my reading was probably 90% nonfiction) - category romance - horror - historical romance - urban fantasy.

I kind of love the way horror sits snuggly between category romance and historical romance. lol

And up until I hit my urban fantasy phase I was pretty much hit a genre and glom everything to the point where you're sick of it - probably why I read very little horror, cat. and historical romance these days. Although I now mostly read urban fantasy I have diversions from it, which is why I think I'm relatively faithful to UF - it's an open relationship.

If you asked me what kind of reader I am I'd almost definitely respond - "urban fantasy", though the truth is not that simple. Maybe 50% of what I read is uf, and the other 50% is an eclectic mix of YA, M/M, and other stuff which I think might be interesting.

So what kind of reader are you? And how have your reading tastes evolved?


Nicole said...

I tend to read mostly fantasy. Always have. Sometimes romantic fantasy, sometimes urban fantasy, sometimes fantasy that's almost Sci-Fi. But there is nearly always a comman theme that is fantasy...

LesleyW said...

Nicole - I think I have that commmon them more now, but I think in the past I've definitely been more genre focussed.