Monday, 10 May 2010


...I appear to have unintentionally taken the week off from blogging.

I have been obsessively trying to finish my current knitting project - a very pink jumper. I think it's probably going to take another week but I resolve not to leave my blog alone over the next seven days.

So now's probably a good time to mention how the knitting/crocheting challenge for 2010 is going. As I've gone a little OCD on it.

I have currently completed two projects and am just wrapping up my third. So far completed a crochet square throw, and a pair of socks knitted in Rowan Calmer. My jumper is also knit in Rowan Calmer both patterns from the Rowan Calmer collection pattern book.

Now, I wish I had the confidence to share some pictures with you - maybe at the end of the year when I do a review - but my knitting is not up to the standard of those beautiful knitting blogs you see. (Although if I take the picture from far enough away I don't suppose that will matter).

Up next I am doing either a sweater in Noro (pattern from either Noro unlimited or Pure Noro) or possibly something in Araucania as I've just bought some hanks in a sale :). *

I will be returning to book talk tomorrow. :)

* - you know in the About Me where it says I'm a voracious reader, apparently I'm a voracious knitter too. Despite only having started this year I already have something of a stash going.


Chris said...

The trick is to read while you knit. :)

Nastassia said...

@Chris you can do that?

I've never tried knitting before, only crocheting.

Chris said...

I can. More details in this post (and linked from the post).

Sullivan McPig said...

I hate knitting, but when I wanted a black shawl no one would knit it for me so I had to knit it myself. You bet I learned to read while knitting!

LesleyW said...

Chris - hmmm, it takes me all my time to concentrate on knitting (I drop quite a few stitches - though I am improving) and I like to lose myself in reading.

Nastassia -I've tried crocheting too, but my sister does absolutely stunning crochet so it's a little more intimidating to have a go.

Sullivan - if no-one's going to knit for you, you have to do it yourself. My mum knits for all our family so you have to wait a while for your turn. I'm pretty pleased with the results from this sweater. Hopefully with each project I'm going to improve.

Nicole said...

I read while I knit, too. Sadly, I have yet to learn the trick of blogging while either reading or knitting. Alas.