Thursday, 8 April 2010


...for the absence. I'm currently writing my DIK blogs for next week when I'm blogging there. Hope you'll all pop over and see what I'm writing about. I'll post links next week.

Also - does anyone - when the Always ads come on and wish you a 'happy period' - want to punch your fist through the tv screen? Whoever thought that was a good slogan needs help.

Review for Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler coming soon.


Christine said...

I know you posted this days and days ago, but I just had to say OMG! YES!!!! regarding that stupid 'happy period' ad. I'd like to wish a few of my periods that person's way and see how fast they changed their tune.

It's taking me incredible restraint to not include a few choice words in my preceding statements. Just saying. LOL.

LesleyW said...

Christine - I am so glad you posted. I was beginning to think I was too easily annoyed and that nobody else had a problem with the ad. lol