Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Oh Dear

Looking back through my posts as I prepare my 'best books of the year', I found my reading resolutions post for 2009.


I managed only one out of the four.

I did finally manage to finish the Sundered Quadrology by Michelle Sagara West.

But I still haven't:-

  • Read the Twilight Saga - maybe I'll wait for the films.
  • I didn't complete the 2009 TBR challenge - having to give up a few months in - maybe I'll do better in 2010 with the DIK reading challenge. My TBR pile could definitely do with the help.
  • And I never did get caught up with The Weather Warden series. This is one resolution that's definitely making it onto the 2010 list. Which I have a feeling will be 'series catching up' oriented.

Tomorrow - I'll post my books of the year.


Darlynne said...

Lesley, instead of reading Twilight, read the (push me off a cliff) notes here: http://vampirely.wordpress.com/twilight-recaps-by-chapter/

The blogger hasn't posted anything since September, but even the chapter headings are hysterical.

"Chapter Two – In which Bella notices how dreamy Edward is, and we notice that he seems to be a stalker."

Nicole said...

LOL, I may have to look up that Twilight recap. =) I know a few people who would appreciate a good laugh.

Lesley - I plan on doing the 52 weeks of books thing again this year. It's great fun, and does get the TBR pile whittled down quite quickly.

LesleyW said...

Darlynne - I am checking that out! I already agree on the stalker thing.

Nicole - 52 weeks of books sounds like something I could aim for. I don't think I managed that many this year. But I have got to try and make an inroad into my TBR pile.